Tips for budget travel in Greece

Greece is famous as a stunningly beautiful country with warm hospitable people. The mainland and islands offer glimpses of ancient civilizations, historical sights, gorgeous sun kissed beaches and crystal clean blue waters. Anyone travelling on a budget can enjoy the best that Greece has to offer, without breaking the bank. Although prices in general are higher than before, here are some handy tips for exploring Greece on a budget.

It costs far less to travel to and around Greece out of the high season. Avoiding June to September can make travel far more affordable as it is a very popular destination in the hottest months and prices tend to be higher. Spring and autumn are wonderful seasons to travel in Greece as they lack the intense humidity of summer, and are the ideal time for walkers, cyclists, and explorers of ancient ruins and churches. For all inclusive family holidays Rhodes is a good choice.

Accommodation is also less expensive outside the height of summer. Hotels tend to be priced by the room rather than by the number of occupants, and those on a budget can discover some wonderful finds by simply booking a room. Simple clean accommodation is available throughout Greece and there are also lots of camp sites to choose from.

Travelling around Greece can be inexpensive if the local scheduled buses are used. Coach travel from Athens to most parts of the mainland is comfortable and cheap. There is also the even cheaper option of train travel, but it takes longer. If hiring a car is the preferred mode of transport then it is often cheaper to do so from the destination or by pre booking over the internet. Cycle hire is readily available, as are mopeds for the more adventurous.

It is possible to eat the best food on a small budget. Avoid the typical tourist restaurants and seek out the tavernas which are popular with the locals. Simple tavernas usually offer the best local foods home cooked and give a real taste of Greek life. Look for local foods rather than seeking out tastes from home.

Greek fast food is a cheap option and comes in the form of a pita gyro. Local bakeries sell fresh spinach, cheese or sausage pies which are tasty take away options, whilst simple wine, bread, olive oil and cheese, accompanied with fresh local fruit, make for perfect picnic foods. Save money on expensive drinks by drinking water and carrying watermelons to the beach, both perfect for staying hydrated in the hot temperatures.

Cape Drastis, Corfu island, Greece
Cape Drastis, Corfu island, Greece

There really isn’t much call to spend money on entertainment in Greece as the land offers so much to see. Drinking in the spectacular scenery costs nothing and simply enjoying the goings on of village life in rural areas is entertainment in itself. There is always some hidden gem to discover in Greece without relying on the tourist organized excursions which are the things which tend to break the budget. If you are looking for honeymoon destinations check here.

As long as five star hotels and luxury yachts aren’t on the agenda then Greece really can be enjoyed on a budget. Greece entices travelers to return, meaning another trip needs to be saved up for on return.