Things to do in Munich


Munich is among Germany’s most important cities, both historically and at present. The city served as the capital of Bavaria, when it was an independent kingdom, and is now a center for culture, art and entertainment in the state. The city encompasses all that’s good in Bavaria, from musicians in their lederhosens, as well as the Oktoberfest, which is one of the most famous festivals in the world. The city maintains high standards with respect to safety and cleanliness, but still retains a soul that is full of fun and thrill. The city is among the most rewarding destinations for travelers, and is visited by a huge number of tourists who come here to enjoy the most popular Munich tourist attractions.

There are a great lot of things to do in Munich, from the architecture, to the various rewarding museums, to the famous beer gardens and city halls, Munich sightseeing is a class apart because of the major number of attractions on offer. English is understood and spoken by a major number of people, and most people are extremely helpful, and will be willing to direct you if you seem lost. The transport systems too, are excellently developed.

Major Munich sightseeing attractions –


A public walkway that is one of the most popular with tourists, as a major number of Munich tourist attractions is located here. The Neus Rathaus ( New City Hall ) is located here, as is a plethora of shopping areas, charming cafes and restaurants, There are street performances and other acts as well. Marienplatz is definitely worthy of being the starting point of your Munich sightseeing tour.

Neues Rathaus, or New City Hall

The Neues Rathaus or the New City Hall is an architectural wonder, and visiting this is among the most popular things to do in Munich. The Hall is Neo Gothic in design. Glockenspiel, the carillon here is world famous for its size. The tower here stands at eighty five meters and has a brilliant view of the city on offer. The New City Hall is among the most famous Munich tourist attractions.

Münchener Freiheit and Schwabing

These are the districts that are among the most notable nightlife spots. There are a whole range of night clubs spanning all tastes in these districts, although the whole of Munich has a good number of great nightspots. The majority of the nightclubs are located in Münchener Freiheit and Schwabing. Getting a taste of the nightlife is one of the most fun things to do in Munich.

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