Things to do in Charlottesville VA

Charlottesville is a city that is one of the most fun destinations in the United States. The city is located in the state of Virginia, and is a suitable destination for all age groups. There are a good number of fun things to do in Charlottesville VA. The city is famous as it is home to the University of Virginia. The university was established by Thomas Jefferson, former president.

Charlottesville is situated nestling in the foothills of the Blue Ridhe Mountain in the Western portion of Central Virginia. The city is inhabited by close to two hundred thousand residents. There are a whole range of excellent facilities and amenities within close distance. The city is said to be among the best places to live, and ranks high on all points related to livability, such as infrastructure, cost of living, transport, scenic beauty and others.

Charlottesville Court Square

Charlottesville has a significant place in the history of the United States. The city was an abode for creative minds since ages, a destination popular with artists, readers and writers. There were three presidents that came from Charlottesville, Thomas Jefferson was one, James Monroe and James Madison others. The University of Virginia adds a touch of fun as well as class in the same time. There are many events and other things to do in Charlottesville VA.

Make sure you attend the Virginia Book Festival if you happen to be here in the spring. There are tens of thousands that come here for the event from all over the world. The festival is the best place to head to if you are a writer, and even more if you are a reader. Charlottesville has also inspired numerous writers that made their mark in the world, starting from Rita Mae Brown and John Grisham, to such greats as Willian Faulkner and Edgar Allen Poe.

You can also visit the numerous tourist attractions on offer in the city. There are five must see sights related to history, starting from Michie Tavern, Historic Court Square Ash Lawn – Highland, the Grounds of the University of Virginia and the Monticello. There are a huge number of things to do in Charlottesville VA. There are a number of excellent parks, shops, wineries, galleries and museum all over the city. You will never lack for choices when you are in Charlottesville VA. There is no dearth to quality here.