The Greek Island of Thasos or Thassos has a wealthty history that dates back to three millennia. It is a fraction of the popular Aegean Islands in the north eastern region. As a matter of fact, it is the farthest to the north. Candidly, no one would regret coming for sight seeing in on the Island of Thassos.

Here, there are no airports and there are also no straight forward flights to the Island. However, the nearest airport to Thassos is the one at Kavala. Therefore, the major means of transportation is by ferry. Traveling by ferry to Thassos will pose virtually no problem except for the weather. From observation, the short journey from the airport on coach to the harbor is about a quarter of an hour. At the harbor, you can enjoy appetizing refreshment at the restaurants before the ferries come by. Then you can jump in and set sail for a remarkable time at Thassos.

Thassos Island

In good time, your ferry will dock at Thassos among some larger vessels from other parts of Greece. It therefore connotes that access to other parts from the Island is easier when you are in Thassos for visit.

In this part of Greece you will not find noisy clubs or the casinos. However, there are tavernas and bars. Night time in Thassos is very modest and it will be enjoyed by visitors because in most of these eating places, the sits are positioned in the open and it will avail visitors, splendid spectacles.

At Thassos, some of the memorable times will surely be at the beaches which have maintained their neatness over time. To be candid, these beaches are very attractive and you will fall in love with them.

On the Island of Thassos, the topography is a mountainous one. No doubt you will be enthralled to see the clouds as they descend upon the highlands especially during autumn. At this time it may be cool in the evenings and windy in the mornings. Therefore to have the best of moments in Thassos Island, please endeavor to choose a time of the year with friendly weather.

Transportation within the metropolis is not at all costly. The local buses are inexpensive and comfortable to ride in.

In addition to all these, a visit to the monastery, also the Makryammos and Golden beaches is worth it. With respect to the cuisine, you will come across delicious, clean Mediterranean dishes. They are quiet generous with the use of olive oil in this part of the world. Here, If you want to take some water, it is advisable to purchase bottled water instead of water from the taps.

Overall, you are sure to have a splendid time in Thassos.

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