Thailand golf holidays: great value for money

Burapha Golf Club
Burapha Golf Club

Value: Thailand provides great value for money, from the expansive choice of golf courses and resort accommodation to buying in local markets or world class department stores, and a fantastic variety of dining and good time choices.

Destination diversity: Thailand is a beautiful country with a wide diversity of golfing environments, from the bustling capital of Bangkok to the mountainous countryside of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai and the glorious beaches and golf courses in Phuket and Koh Samui, the bright lights, nightlife and golf resorts of Pattaya, the quieter seaside town of Hua Hin with great golf courses, and the waterfalls and dramatic scenery of Khao Yai.

Climate: Thanks to Thailand’s tropical climate, golf can be enjoyed all year round. There are seasons, of course, including a rainy season in central and northern areas from July to October. Downpours can be severe, but they rarely hold up a game for more than an hour or two. For the rest of the year, you can rely on favorable conditions, with the cool dry period between November and February as the most popular playing period.

Golf courses: At present there are at least 200 courses to choose from, all in great condition and with superb facilities. Bangkok and its adjoining provinces have the highest concentration, making the Thai capital an ideal base for golf tours. Some courses are within the city limits and can be reached in only 40 minutes’ drive via expressways or the Bangkok ring road.

Burapha Golf Club
Burapha Golf Club

Infrastructure: With reliable, accurate information available, first-class infrastructure and sensible regulations, the visiting golfer is guaranteed a memorable holiday in Thailand.

Caddies: An integral part of playing golf in Thailand, caddies provide exceptional value-added service. Greeting you upon arrival at the clubhouse, they will take care of arrangements before you tee off, guiding you around the course with a constant smile. They will give you distances to the green, mark balls and give you the lines of your putts, and as an added plus, help keep you cool and refreshed.

Accommodation: No matter where you are in Thailand, you will find the right accommodation to suit you, from impressive five-star hotels and resort properties to simple Thai-style bungalows.

The people: The Thai people are known to be some of the friendliest in the world and they are very welcoming to visitors. Not for nothing has it become known as the ‘Land of Smiles.”

The food: From local Thai dishes to cosmopolitan cuisine, eating is always a joy. There is a huge variety in choice with the local cuisine, and a wide selection of western and Asian restaurants for those who prefer something closer to home. Culture and customs: The historic culture of Thailand is most easily seen in the many temples and shrines in every city, town and village. It is also in the small communities in narrow streets with traditional artisans’ shops, and in the smiling, good nature of the Thais themselves, largely due to Buddhist teaching that is part of their daily life. There is also a culture of festivals and ceremonies, some stately, others more robust and lively, but all with the aim of enjoying life.