Amidst the group of islands that dot the Aegean Sea in Greece, stretches a picturesque that will hold every caller spell-bound. The topography though rugged is a beautiful sight to behold. The western side has inlets marked by the sea making it a natural harbor. A peninsula shares Skyros into two halves; the north and the south which are referred to by the natives as Meri and Vuono respectively. Meri means tame while Vuono connotes mountain. Due to the remoteness of this Island it has overtime developed ways of life that are peculiar to it alone. Skyros is home to over 300 churches founded by rich families of the Island.

To reach Skyros, there are two modes of transportation; flight and ferry. However, transportation by air is preferred because of the turbulent waters which make the voyage dangerous if embarked upon by ferry. But there are no fixed schedules for flight en route Skyros in any other season of the year other than summer.

Skyros Island
Skyros Island

A spectacle of Skyros can be really alluring. There, the Monastery sits majestically on the rock. A large percentage of the few thousands that inhabitant the Island live in very modest apartments. Nevertheless, they are proud of the interior of these houses to the extent that it is a normal practice in Skyros for the dwellers to leave their doors ajar in order to give people on the street a view of the beautiful interior.

Summertime is the peak time in Skyros. During this season activities increase generally. Even at sunset. However, at other times of the year, there appears to be remarkable reduction in activities on this isolated island.

Still standing today in Skyros are earthworks which served as fortification hundreds of years ago. They can be found on an old acropolis. This particular site offers a panorama of the landscape below. To know more about this loving island, a stroll on foot will be of immense help. Then you can see the St George monastery and a number of ancient structures.

In this humble island is the folklore museum where you can take a look at many native artifacts and decorations. There are also albums, heirlooms and uncommon books in the museum for the viewing pleasure of all who visit.

Theotokos is the popular name of the beach in Skyros. Also in this small town are restaurants and old-fashioned hotels where local delicacies are commercially served.

A visitor cannot but be enthralled by the local attires been sold on the island. The potteries made by local craftsmen are also charming.

As a matter of fact this scenic island is going to be loved by many even though it remains unexplored by the tourism industry. However, the reserved and clean environment will continue to attract visitors from far and near.

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