Romantic vacations around Melbourne

Melbourne is full of fancy attractions and is one of the strong contenders in the favorite list of Australian tourist destinations. However, many of us are not aware of the fact that the area around this charming town flourishes with the different selections for romantic vacations. Yes, this is true! Just think of relaxing in a mineral spring, enjoying the views of the classic coastal sunset, and driving along a scenic road. So, are you ready?

Enlarge excursions for sightseeing in Melbourne are sure to occupy any tourist’s time for weeks. However, if the sights in the city become too much engulfing for you and your better half, there is an option for you to unlock the doors to the romantic vacations just in a drive of an hour or two. While the superb habitats surround in plenty outside Melbourne, the quaint hamlets crammed with epicurean restaurants appeal to comply with your taste of the most astute diner.

Start your journey towards one of the most memorable romantic vacations by driving along the historic Great Ocean Road that offered many employment chances for the First World War’s veterans. Devoted to their attacked pals in the past, today, this road for the tourists is among the most dazzling coastal stretches in the nation, which is more than 240 km. As you drive on, there are many attractions to halt and explore.

At some 150 km from Melbourne, Lorne is the destination of spectacular scenery that will make you remember some of the Mediterranean port cities. Couples with admire the awe of the sunset on the beach here, which is 2 km long; whereas the far-reaching vistas as you enjoy from the Teddy’s Lookout are just soaking. And yes, it is worth to stay at a local bed & breakfast here. The, at some 290 km is Port Fairy that is a hub of music and food festivals as well as structures of historical importance as held by The National Trust. All credit goes to the careful preservation of the life of 19th century. Right from a scenic stroll to a sail on this rugged shore, you and your partner will just not like to move from here. And in that case, you have the option of booking in one of the good Port Fairy accommodations.

Going ahead on the Great Ocean Road will take the couples to relatively more isolated Apollo Bay followed by Cape Otway.

These are the spots where activities like relaxing on the beach sand, surfing over the apt waves, marveling at the dramatic Marriner’s Falls above the beach, and hiking via the forest to be in your local inn are just loved the most.

Want to be manually pampered? Well, leave the coastline and march towards the interior where Hepburn Springs and Daylesford will welcome you at any point of time. These are the spa towns for experiencing a complete health revival via cozy pampering. In the former one, you will come across the highest intensity of natural mineral waters. It is nestled at some 100 km from Melbourne and yes, besides the spa treatments, few tasteful dining options are also on offer in this hamlet of 400 folks. Neighboring this one is Daylesford, a larger town that has now become famous for its holistic approach for well-being besides being reputed for spa treatments as well as romantic vacations. In addition, you can also enjoy its Victorian architecture and gallery openings, which are plenty here.

At some 40 km from Melbourne, the Dandenong Ranges as the lush forest zones as well as low mountain peaks are best known for its loving strolls and scene. Couples can stroll by the lakes and via the trails to be away from the clamor of the city. Stretching over 3000 hectares, the Dandenongs are perfect escape for the ones who are happy to stay away from the city life.