Psara is an alluring island in Greece. It is situated near the Aegean Sea in the north, some tens of miles away from Chios. A visit to Psara shows that the people have the sea as their main stay. Therefore, many are fishermen though there are a number of farmlands in Psara too.

Psara, a mountainous island is home to a honey industry and cannot but be an enthralling site to tourists. Talked about in Homer’s Odyssey, this site with respect to archaeological research have been discovered as a place where men of the Stone Age dwelt thousands of years ago. All these heighten the expectation of eager tourists for a splendid stay in this fishing community.

Psara has been through a lot in the last two centuries, principally from the hands of the Turks. The island had its own share of cruelty when it underwent colossal destruction many years ago. The island was set ablaze and many of the inhabitants were massacred, reducing the population of the island from 20,000 to 3000. This happened during the revolt against the Turks in 1817 through 1827.

fisherman in Psara
fisherman in Psara

How to reach Psara

To reach Psara from Athens, it has to be a voyage by ferry from Piraeus Port in Athens. There are regular ferries and speed boats. Putting into consideration that there are likely to be stops, Piraeus to Psara may take about 5 to 9 hours.

Psara coastal attractions

Psara which is close to the sea parades some beaches which have been playing regular hosts to travelers. Lazaretta outstrips many others on the island and is extolled because of its shallowness and light sand. Lakka also shares these properties with Lazaretta which has also given it a place among the most admired beaches on the island.

Psara historical attractions

Some other fascinating places in this peculiar tourist destination are the archaeological wells and the Museum which is bound to be magnetizing to history enthusiasts. Many artifacts dug from archeological missions are now exhibited in the museum.

traditional restaurant in Psara
traditional restaurant in Psara

What to do in Psara

A notable observation about Psara is its serene atmosphere, actually void of the diverse features that characterize urban centers. To be candid, in Psara, skyscrapers and multi billion dollar shopping malls cannot be found and of course, intercontinental hotels. It is therefore presumed that this place may not be well appreciated by lovers of city life that might be interested in visiting the night clubs and the casinos. However, a writer, especially a poet or people who admire tranquility and elements of history, also activities such as mountain climbing and visit to man-made land forms such as the archaeological wells, will surely be held spell bound by this exceptional place, called Psara. (photos: dimakis, dennis and aimee jonez)

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