O2 Arena: Multi-purpose attraction in London

The O2 Arena refers to a versatile indoor stadium that is nestled in the heart of The O2 that is an exclusive complex of leisure and entertainment at the South East London’s Greenwich peninsula. This one is regarded as among the largest indoor grounds in the continent with the ability to accommodate 23,000 spectators as per the event. And just recently in 2008, it grabbed the status of the World’s Busiest Arena that was formerly taken by the MEN Arena.

The O2 Arena is the venue of really big music icons such as Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake. Opened in 2007, the O2 is located in the ex-Millennium Dome once being utilized for exceptional display and now acting as the superb entertainment destination. And now, the centerpiece of this one is the O2 Arena, the state-of-the-art field hosting more than 150 excellent entertainment, music, and sport events. For the spectators, the AEG has designed this one to offer the top-notch comfort.

Coming to the facilities, this arena has more than 20 concession stands where you can have a mix of best food belonging to the different parts of the world, over 550 toilets so that nobody needs to wait in queues, pints of lager chilled, broadest seats with drink holders as well as additional padding not to be found anywhere in the industry, ideal lines throughout, broad concourse areas, more than 350 screens, and 96 suites for the guests reserved for ordering food from special online menu brought directly by a staff member.

The best feature of the O2 arena is that it can be converted into a sporting venue from a concert platform, which is really a world class transformation taking place in just few hours. In this golden history, it has witnessed many major events like the NHL Ice Hockey, Turbo Tennis, Ultimate Fighting Championship, and NBA Basketball. Talking about some of the latest events, the great, Oscar-winning Indian Musician A.R. Rehman had led a concert here. Coming to its future events, the arena will be the home of both the basketball finals as well as gymnastics in the 2012 Olympic Games.

Still, the list of entertainment does not end here. Also add the highlights on your tour, which flank this indoor arena of 20 acres: a live music venue holding 2,350 folks and hosting acts such as Joss Stone and Jools Holland, indigO2, The O2 Bubble that hosted the famous Tutankhamun exhibition, High School Musical 2 Entertainment Avenue with cafes and restaurants, and Vue cinema complex with 11 screens that already hosted the premiere of The Simpsons, and London Piazza near the Bubble with an indoor beach as well as Ice Disco ice rink.

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