Meganissi is a small picturesque island about 6km south east of Lefkada island. It is one of the smallest of the Ionian Islands, but it is also one of the most beautiful, making it an ideal choice for a relaxing villas holiday in Greece.

Meganissi is an island of about twenty square kilometres covered in lush vegetation – an area of outstanding natural beauty. There are three villages on the island, the villages of Vathy, Katomeri and Spartohori, and the three ports of Vathy (main ferry port), Atherino and Spilia.

Vathy is a pretty little fishing village with the main port for the island. Here you can catch a ferry across to the island of Lefkada. Vathy has several waterfront tavernas that are great for unwinding in whilst you watch the fishing boats come in. Near Vathy, work is being undertaken to restore the horse drawn olive press of Panoutsos.

The village of Katomeri is a welcoming little village with friendly tavernas to sip some Ouzo in! A road from Katomeri leads to the beautiful bays of Limonari and Elia. The beaches at Limonari and Elia are some of the most stunning on the island.

Spartohori is a beautiful little village filled with picturesque houses, perched up high on the cliffs above Spilia Bay, with wonderful views out across the sea. Spilia means cave in Greek, and the bay is said to take its name from the large unexplored ‘Cave of the Cyclops’.

The pace of life is slow on the island making it an ideal location to unwind. There are few cars on the island, and the life harks back to a bygone era. On many parts of the island you could well believe that you had been transported back in time to another world. The island is covered with old vineyards and olive groves that have been producing bountiful crops since the times of the ancient Greeks – it is well worth sampling the local wine and olive oil!

There are no big hotels on Meganissi, however there are several private villas on the island that are available to rent. A private villa close to the villages allows you to have the best of both worlds. You can walk in to the local taverna and relax with the locals, or unwind in privacy next to your own private pool. If you are thinking of a villa holiday in Greece, choose a villa on the island of Meganissi!

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