Maui, Hawaii during the winter season

Maui, Hawaii

Winter in Maui is something that surfers come from all over the world to experience. The waves, and the ocean during winter is something that many people have never seen, or will never see in their lives. Those once beautiful crystal clear blue waters that flowed in gentle waves, are replaced by something decidedly more violent.

As these white capped waves bounce against the shore, it isn’t surprising to see surfers along the beach, changing into their wetsuits and preparing to head out into the ocean. Maui waves during the winter are unlike any found anywhere else in the world, which is why so many advanced surfers find their way to the island during the colder months.

Maui, Hawaii

That doesn’t mean there aren’t reasons to visit Maui in the winter even if you aren’t an expert surfer. The island has more than enough events and activities to keep you occupied for the duration of your trip. The waters might be rough, but there are still ample opportunities for swimming, scuba diving, and even snorkeling.

The other bright spot of Maui in the winter is that it is the optimal time for whale watching. The whales make their annual pilgrimage to Alaska starting in November, and continuing through until the spring. During the winter months, visitors can stand on the beaches and watch these majestic creatures make their way home or visit Oahu.
There may be no better time to visit Maui than during the quiet winter months.