If you enjoy emerging yourself into the tropical delights of salt, sand, and sun, you will love what the village of Ipsos Corfu, Greece has to offer! This particular area is less than ten miles from the popular area of Corfu Town, and sits along a beach that curves and slopes among pebbles and the white sands of the area. This particular location in Greece has been considered to be one of the most popular locations for individuals who are young, and those who enjoy the spectacular nightlife of cascading lights, creative sounds, and dining experiences.

When planning your trip to this popular destination, you will want to make arrangements at the Ipsos Corfu Resort. This particular resort is nicely placed in the middle of the beautiful beach so that you may easily access just about everything of interest with little to no effort. There are a large number of activities offered here that involve the water from the beautiful beach that the area is located on. By choosing the resort that is native to this region, you can easily access water activities like sailing on the luxurious sea, surfing in the wind, scuba diving beneath the bright blue waters, fishing for exotic species, and even relaxing on a sailboat as it gently slides over the shores.

This area has a large variety of dining attractions that you are sure to find appealing. One of the most popular choices among tourists to the area is the Greek cuisine that is offered. This type of dining experience offers you a top notch Mediterranean cuisine created by chefs who specialize in each carefully designed dish. You can enjoy dishes like Avgolemono, Fakes, Magiritsa, Giouvetsi, Paidakia, and Souvlaki. For dessert, you may enjoy indulging in Baklava, Diples, Vasilopita, or even Moustalevria. There are many restaurants that specialize in International cuisine dishes as well. If you enjoy seafood, you will absolutely love the restaurants that specialize in dishes created from the fish and other items caught in the local sea!

If you enjoy the nightlife, you will thoroughly enjoy all of the activities that are available once the sun sinks beneath the waves! You can enjoy beach activities like parties and the basic club scene along docks and decks near the shore, there are many local pubs and clubs that offer a large variety of music, dining, and beverage services, and other energetic activities that are sure to please! If you want to break away from the basic nightlife experience, you will be pleased to know that there are many shopping venues opened. These shopping venues offer fashion accessories, clothing, antiques, and relics that you can return home with as souvenirs from your vacation here!

If you decide not to stay at the Ipsos Corfu Resort, there are many popular hotels in the area that you may enjoy. These include the following:

• Corfu Secret

• San Marco Villas

• Sunrise Hotel

• Marilena Hotel

• Annamary Studios

Planning a trip to this exotic location can open up many opportunities for you. If you enjoy the comfort of a delicately designed village, resting upon the shores of a beautiful sea, and exquisite dining experiences, Ipsos Corfu is right for you!