Greece: planning a great family vacation


Greece is by far an amazing family vacation. From the history of the ruins of Acropolis to Delphi, to the beautiful beaches of Crete and Santorini. Greece is a vacation destination that is bound to have something for everyone.

The history is by far the most amazing history known to mankind. The mythology of the Greek Gods, the beginning of civilization and the deep pockets of knowledge and truths. The one thing that can happen is a visitor may become “ruined” out, there are some many ruins to take in and it can become monotonous. However the beauty of the buildings, the time and care it took to build them is awestriking to say the least.

The beauty of the mainland and the islands is something that will forever be imprinted on the minds of young and old alike. The blues of the Aegean and the white washed buildings is breathtaking. The quaint little villages, the metropolitian cities is all something that is worth seeing.

Alyki bay at Thassos island
Alyki bay at Thassos Island

The night life of Athens never seems to stop. I remember looking out my hotel window at 3am and seeing the traffic still going as it had done at 3pm. The city that never sleeps should be attached to this wonderful mecca.

The shopping is awesome to say the least. My favourite place to shop in Greece is the Plaka in Athens. Anything and everything you could be looking for is there. However shopping in the little villages brings to you things you may not see in the big city. If you are planning a trip to Greece you might need more information about Schengen Visa.

Greece is an excellent choice for a family vacation, as noted it has something for everyone. I would go back to Greece in a heartbeat, and this time take along my children.