If you are planning a family vacation to Greece, one of the best locations that you can choose from is an area called “Gouvia”. This particular area prides itself on being one of the top rated tourist destinations that is safe and appropriate for families that contain individuals of all ages! You and the members of your family can enjoy a variety of water sports and entertainment while visiting this pristine location. In this travel guide, you will be introduced to all that the area has to offer!

This is an area with an extensive history in seafaring, fishing, and entertainment. The socially prestigious typically swarm to this particular area to enjoy water sports and boating activities due to the fact that the main marina to Corfu is located here. It is not unusual to experience a wide display of attractive and expensive yachts floating atop the shores, comfortably attached to the highly detailed docks in this particular area. If you are seeking to travel to an area that is considered to be secluded in order to experience comfort and privacy on your vacation, you can easily accomplish this here. This area offers a large variety of amenities while preserving your privacy.

If you enjoy the beach, you will be pleased to discover on your travels that this area offers many different beaches where you and the members of your family can enjoy salt, sand, and lots of sun! You will enjoy the beauty and decorative appeal of the sandy shores that contain a large assortment of pebbles and brush. These beaches are family friendly and appropriate for individuals of all ages! You can access the beaches in many different ways. When you arrive, you will quickly find many activities that you can enjoy while staying here.

While vacationing in this area, there are many exciting places that you can elect to visit. First, you may be interested in visiting the arches composed of stone that have been standing for many, many years. These stones represent the last standing pieces of a popular shipyard that once stood in the area. You may also be interested in visiting what is referred to as “Church Island”. The Ipapanti Church stands relatively close to the beach. This structure is considered to be historical and several tours are given annually to guests. If you enjoy learning about history and enjoy sightseeing in general, these two areas are definitely worth consideration.

You will discover that there are many hotels and resorts that you can stay at while vacationing in this tropical paradise. You may choose to stay at the Ipsos Corfu Resort, which is the most popular resort in the area. It is popular because it offers outstanding customer service, wonderful amenities, and is in a central location to all of the main attractions in the region. If you want to try out another hotel or resort, you may choose from locations such as the Molfetta Beach Hotel or Hotel Angela. If you are planning a family vacation this year and want to travel to an exotic location, Gouvia may be the right match for you!