Corfu Beach

Corfu, landmarks at Cape Drastis

If you visit Corfu Beach, you are likely to discover that there is a wide range of diversity when it comes to your personalized vacationing experience. Corfu is part of the beautifully detailed Ionian Islands in Greece. The measurement of this particular island is relatively small, yet loaded with many fun and exciting activities that you can take part in. Many of these activities surround the dazzling Beach. Measuring in at approximately thirty six miles along and just over fifteen miles wide, this Mediterranean island is considered to be the most luscious when it comes to plant life, rocky seascapes, and coves.

The Beach offers many different experiences for the individual who is new to the area. There are a number of locations that are considered to be secluded and quite lovely. These areas often display the sandy, tropical environment, complete with rocky coves and seascapes. These beaches are absolutely perfect for couples looking to enjoy a romantic location, or for families that wish to cherish the time that they spend with one another. If you visit the eastern coast of the Beach, you will be able to stumble upon unique pebbles on the shore, and well populated areas where you can meet other travelers, as well as the natives to the island.

The Beach actually consists of several smaller beaches that you can enjoy while visiting this particular region. If you are seeking to spend a little quiet time with your significant other, or you want to enjoy some privacy with your family, you may enjoy Ermones. This is actually a quiet cover sitting amidst some beautiful hills. In addition to this wonderful beach choice, you may enjoy the beach of Agnos. This is also considered to be a secluded rocky seascape perfect for individuals seeking to enjoy a little privacy while vacationing in Corfu, Greece.

Corfu, landmarks at Cape Drastis

If you are seeking to visit the area of the Beach that is known for its exquisite crystal waters, extremely rocky seascapes, and magnificent beauty, there is a location you may find appealing. This location is called Paleokastritsa. This location has been deemed as the most appealing area on the entire island! When you visit this beach, you will enjoy pristine waters, and an attractive view. Many describe it as a piece of “Heaven on Earth” due to the fact that its beauty is simply breathtaking! When you travel to the Beach, you must place a visit to Paleokastritsa on your “top places to see” list!

When visiting the Beach, there are four special beaches on the west coast of the island. These beaches include that of North Saint George, South Saint George, Glyfada, and Chalikounas. If you are attracted to sandy beaches that are bustling with activity and excitement, you are likely to find these beaches to be highly attractive.  The Beach is more than just one standard beach; it is a cluster of small, uniquely designed beaches. If you will be traveling to Corfu Island, it is important that you visit one or more of the beaches mentioned in this guide. In order to truly gain an appreciation of Corfu Beach, the smaller beaches are a “must see”!