Best Things To Do With Your Partner in Rome

If you think that you and your partner won’t have what to do during your trip in Rome, well, you’re completely wrong. With its archeological sites, Baroque churches and unique attractions, this city has plenty of things to explore. Below you can find some tips regarding how you can level up your romance while being in this wonderful city.



Every couple’s dream is to watch a great film while holding hands. You can do this for free in Rome, in a public park named Villa Borghese. A project launched in 2001 transformed a pavilion in disrepair into the most modern cinema in the entire city, named the Casa Del Cinema. Beside the fact that you won’t pay anything for entering in this movie-makers personal heaven, you will get the chance to watch classic Italian films and recent productions from Venice Film Festival.


Sala 1 opened a long time ago, respectively in 1970. Since then, the gallery located in an ex-basilica hosts several and dynamic exhibitions and projects that will show you how wonderful is the Italian art. Moreover, you can’t find nothing like this elsewhere in the city so a visit to this place definitely worth a shot.


The fun isn’t over when the night comes in Rome. Most of the tourist don’t know that during late hours the city looks magical.

Trevi Fountain is one of the Rome’s wonders which change their appearance at midnight. The large portion of water is illuminated, providing a perfect environment for love confessions. After, you can take a walk on the streets of the city or have a late dinner in one of the fancy restaurants that can be found in the entire area.

So if your flight lands late in the night, you’ll have plenty of things to discover in Rome! My advice is to not lose time at the airport, though. Don’t wait in line for regular taxis that demand exorbitant prices for a short journey. Instead, use the Fiumicino airport transfer to benefit from quality services at low prices! Your reliable local driver will meet you at the airport even if your plane is delayed and the bookings can be made in just a few seconds! Why trying to get a regular taxi when you can find a better transfer method at a cheaper price?


This district can be found to the south-east of Stazione Termini and it’s well known for a large number of students who live here. Maybe this is the reason why San Lorenzo is full with cheap eateries and bars, being perfect for the ones that don’t want to throw their money on food.

Beside the fact that this district has several boutiques where you can shop for absolutely anything, here you can find the home of a popular Italian chocolate factory named Said. Try their hot chocolate and you’ll think you’re in heaven!

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