Best things to Do in Budapest


There are so many beautiful places in Europe to visit during your holiday. One of the most favorite destinations to visit in Budapest. Budapest is the biggest city in Hungary that resembles the paradise due to the beautiful city and nightlife, particularly if you want to enjoy a pub crawl Budapest. In fact, when you visit Budapest, you must be confused about what to do in Budapest. Anyway, there are a few things to do in Budapest that you should not miss during your holiday. Read these following tips to enjoy your day in Budapest.

Enjoy the Fisherman Fortress

The Fisherman’s Fort  commonly known as Halászbástya is the most visited landmark in Hungary because it offers a very beautiful romatic terrace which has been there since thousand years ago. It is a really amazing spot for tourists where they can see wonderful seven towers with incredible view of the Danube, Pest, and Margaret Island. You can go to the upper level, but you have to pay for the ticket or you just stay on the bottom part because it still looks amazing.

Fisherman bastion

Visit the Buda Castle

Buda Castle is another historical landmark which belonged to Hungarian kings and it faces the city of Castle Hill for the popular name. It was built since 1265, but yo can still see the original architecture which has been there since 14th century. However, there are some parts of the buildings which have been changed due to castle riots. This castle now becomes the home to 2 museums called Budapest History Museum and National Gallery museum. If you want to see original arts of Hungarian, you can visit the national Gallery Museum while you can enjoy the city history from Roman time at History Museum.

Buda Castle


Explore Buda’s cave

The caves under Buda give a wonderful insight into the history of Budapest. You can choose this landmark just in case you want to stay calm during the summer. Apart from the ‘Labyrinth Castle’ under the Castle, you can see two natural caves which look so attractive, they are Pálvölgyi and Szemlőhegyi. The latter formations of stalactites and stalagmites look so fantastic. You can also explore some small locations which are accessible if you want to get wonderful adventure. Meanwhile, you can just easily explore Szemlőhegyi to see some beautiful walls filled minerals and crystals.

buda caves

Join Pub Crawl Budapest

Budapest becomes one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Europe, especially for those who are looking for nightlife. If you are a nightlife fan, then you must not forget to join the Pub Crawl Budapest. You can join Free Pub Crawl Budapest to enjoy your wonderful nightlife in Budapest. Whether you are a lonely traveler or grouper, you always have the opportunity to enjoy the real fun Budapest nightlife. Pub crawl becomes the most favorite tour for having fun.


Finally, those are a few things to visit in Budapest. But, if you belong to a nightlife person, you may like to join pub crawl Budapest to enjoy the real nightlife in Budapest. This is the most recommended activity for young guys who want more fun. If you want to know more about the pub crawl Budapest, you may visit the Free Pub Crawl Budapest website to join this wonderful tour.

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