The Astipalaia Island in Greece is known for its butterfly configuration. Located amidst Amorgos, Anafi, Nisyros and Kos, it connects the large group of islands in the Aegean sea and also the Island of Dodecanesean. But it is of the Western part of the Dodecanesean Island. However, its white houses, small streets, and endearing windmills make it more Cycladic in nature.

Astipalaia  historical attractions
Astipalaia is home to many ruins which have been since medieval times. Visitors, especially those that have interest in ancient civilization cannot but be enthralled by these structures. Worthy of mention is the Venetian fort which was constructed by John Querini in AD 1204. This citadel was taken over by the Venetian household after Constantinople was seized by the Crusaders. Till today, the fortification bears the insignia of this family. During the restoration of the Venetian fortress, all the dwellers of Astipalaia were involved and it still retains its unique features of elevated walls and little outlets. In the interior are the Agios Georgios Church erected in 1790.


A view of Chora the chief city of Astipalaia can be captivating. The Ai Yanni fortress, located near Chora is another site that visitors a bound to find interesting. Folklore has it that in dire search for refuge during those times of pirate invasion, the people of Astipalaia were unable to get into this fortress. It was then captured by Barbarossa who eradicated all the indwellers. The Ioannis monastery is situated directly opposite the fortress, between two slants. Seeing the Aegean view from here can be appetizing.

Monasteries and churches are quite popular in Astipalaia. In Chora, are the Monasteries of Panagia Portaitissa, Flevariotissa, and also the Megali Panagia Church. Situated in Vathy is the Panagia Poulariani Church which every visitor will surely appreciate. More so, some evidences of the Hellenistic era can be found in the Tallaras Baths sited in Maltezana. The impressive terracotta and mosaics are quite alluring. Zodiac signs and the four seasons are being represented by the baths which are still in very good state.

Astipalaia beaches
As regards a natural feature common to Islands in Greece, Astipalaia has attractive beaches. Here, the waters are neat and visitors will have very interesting time in the summer sun as they swim or take some time out in Psili Ammos, Agios Konstantinos, and other well-known beaches in the area.

Nightlife in Astipalaia
In Astipalaia, nighttime is quite simple. Bars and club houses can be found in Maltezana, Livadi and the capital, Chora. There are a number of options in these places.

Sincerely, this unique Island is a place to visit. It will be of utmost satisfaction to  anyone who is interested in spending some time in order to avoid the hustle and bustle of city life. To all callers, Astipalaia bids you welcome.

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