Worldwide Brands Review – Updated in 2018

Worldwide Brands has been one of the leading sources of drop-shippers, manufacturers and wholesalers since it was founded in Florida in 1999 by eBay ‘Power Seller’ Chris Malta – but does it still provide an all in one solution for finding good suppliers in 2018, and how does it compare to newer sources like Ali Express and

Worldwide Brands – From 1999 to 2018

Worldwide Brands was founded as a source of verified wholesalers and drop shippers, that new customers could buy from without worrying that they might be scammed or that the goods they paid for would not arrive.  To remove any risk of buying from the suppliers they list, Worldwide Brands started to research and guarantee that their suppliers were legitimate, by placing 'test' orders from them and visiting their offices and warehoues in person – to check that they really were reliable.

The staff at Worldwide Brands continue to do this today, and now have over 8,000 fully verified and guaranteed suppliers from across the United States and many in other countries too – such as the UK, China and Canada.

Ali Express and DH Gate – How Do They Compare?

AliExpress and DHGate are not directories like Worldwide Brands, they are marketplaces – much more like eBay – for wholesalers and drop shippers based in China.

Although and are both great places to find cheap suppliers in China, which are often reliable and deliver internationally, none of the suppliers are guaranteed to be reliable like those in Worldwide Brands.  Also, as they are based in China, delivery issues are common and the average delivery time is over two weeks – far too long for most consumers.

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