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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Vienna? Sacher Torte, the taste king dessert, Lipizzaner Stallions, elegance, ball rooms and a whole lot more associations? All this, and then some more is what makes up Vienna of the present.The historical city of Vienna is among the strongholds of culture in Europe, and there is a ton of things to do in Vienna that are extremely rewarding activities. There is a multitude of Vienna attractions that are related to culture and history. There are a whole number of excellent museums, art galleries and ateliers here as well.

The renowned Hapsburg Empire had its base in Vienna for close to six hundred years. The city is famed for its legacy in art, science and culture. Music is also Vienna’s strong point, the city loves music in all its forms, raucous melodies sung in the beer gardens to orchestral symphonies in the famed Opera house here. The city is located on the banks of the River Danube, and is the very epitome of sophistication and culture. There are a whole range of Vienna sightseeing attractions that are not to be missed.

Vienna attractions guide – things to do in Vienna

The Karntnerstrasse is the first place you should head to, as this is the ideal location to start exploring the Vienna attractions. The street here is only for pedestrians, and there are a whole number of shops and cafes lining it. The pastries here are some of the most delicious, and definitely should be tried.

The steeple of the Stephansdom cathedral can be seen from most spots in the city, and the cathedral is among the most important Vienna sightseeing attractions. The Cathedral was started construction almost eight hundred years ago, and was damaged extensively in the Turkish Siege. It was rebuilt in the 14 t h and 15 t h centuries. The Cathedral was also damaged in the Second World War, but was again restored. The Church has some impressive stone work on the outside that is extremely impressive, as is the wood carving in the inside of the church. There is also the Wiener Neustadt altarpiece as well as the pulpit that was carved by Anton Pilgrim. There are also some catacombs that acne be explored, among the most fun things to do in Vienna.

The view from the South Tower is nothing short of spectacular and to enjoy this you must climb three hundred and forty three steps to the platform. Even the Vienna Woods in the distance can be seen from here, when the weather is fine. There is also an elevator to the top of the North Tower. This is Vienna sightseeing at its best.

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