Things to do in Providence RI

Can you imagine the huge number of people that simply drive on when passing through Rhode Island when they are returning from a holiday in New England?

If you are one of these, you must understand it is simply your loss, since there are actually such a huge number of things to do in Providence RI, that you will simply not realize the amount of time that will pass away in this charming town.

There are a huge number of things to do in Providence RI, that are related to culture and entertainment. You will enjoy some heavenly food, especially Italian food. There is n dearth to excellent sea food places either. Museums? Of course, tons of them. Historical buildings? Any number. Ghosts? Yeah baby!

There is simply no limit to what you can enjoy in Providence RI. There are a huge number of excellent activities that everyone will enjoy, regardless of age group. There is only the condition that you must be a fun loving person. Whatever, your taste or hobby is, where ever your interest lies, you will simply have a ton of fun in this town.

Providence, Rhode Island

Downtown Providence is where most of the action lies, and make sure you head here the first opportunity you get. There are a huge number of excellent things to do in Providence RI.

Kennedy Plaza is the very heart of Providence, and was established in the year eighteen forty eight. The name then was City Hall Park, as it was adjacent to the City Hall.  There are a number of shops and eateries here, plus there are no cars allowed here so you can walk around in peace.

In downtown Providence, you can also learn skating. There are lessons on offer at the Bank of America skating Rink in providence.