Things to do in Hershey, PA

Almost everyone knows about Hershey. I mean the chocolate bar, Kisses and other delicacies. However, Hershey PA, is not even one tenth as well known as the Hershey Bar is. It is however a town that is as rich and filled with delights as the Hershey candy bar. The town of Hershey PA is where the Hershey candy is manufactured.

The streets at Hershey are lined with Hershey Kisses streetlights. The town promises a plethora of rewarding attractions and things to do in Hershey PA, whatever your age, taste or interest is. There are a great number of attractions beginning with the Hershey Chocolate USA manufacturing plant.

Hershey Chocolate Factory

The town of Hershey was built around the manufacturing plant built by Hershey, and has grown since to a population of close to twelve thousand. Visitors to the town have a great range of attractions and things to do in Hershey PA, and the fun begins from the official chocolate making tour at the Hershey Chocolate World.

Hershey’s Chocolate World is the largest visitor center in the world, and the tours will take you through the minute details of making chocolate. This is one attraction that kids and adults will equally enjoy. Do not forget your free samples at the end.

Hershey has an incredibly varied number of tourist attractions and things to do. There are a huge number of things to do in Hershey PA. Apart from the Chocolate World, there is the Hershey park, which is an amazing movie park that was built by Mr Hershey. There are a great number of rides and attractions, such as the 97 degree drop at the Fahrenheit roller coaster. The Giant center, the Hershey Museum and Hershey Gardens are equally wonderful options.