7 Great Things To Do In Athens

There are several reasons why you may want visit Athens. This city is the capital of Greece and offers numerous architectural buildings and archaeological monuments. In addition to the structural beauty, it also has a climate with mild winters and hot summers, is surrounded by hills, possesses a great history, popular culture, excellent food and wonderful Greek folk dances.

Athens is the perfect city if you are searching a destination for a break to relax and enjoy cultural activities. People have different interests and may have different reasons to visit this popular city in Greece. One you have visited Athens there is a high chance you want to travel again to this beautiful city in Europe. Here are some great reasons why you may want to visit Athens:

The Acropolis

The Acropolis is a hill and can be considered the most remarkable site of Athens. This historical site can be called the heart of Athens and contains several important buildings. The Parthenon is the most famous building and dedicated to the Goddess Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom. This building is a temple which the Greeks has build to honor Athena and an ivory statue of her can be found in the interior and is designed by Phidias.

Athens, Acropolis

Nearby the Parthenon you will find two other important monuments, the Propylaea (Gateway) build by Mnesicles and the temple of Temple of Athens. The Acropolis is a historical site which you have to visit if you travel to Athens. It is the most popular place of Athens and you can make a tour at any moment of the day.


There are a lot of museums in Athens and for different interests. Many of them houses archaeological collections but there are also museums for Greek folk art, instruments, history of the Greek costume and many others. Some of the most important museums in Athens are:

* The National Archaeological Museum – this museum can be considered as the biggest and even one of the best archaeological museums in the world. This museum exhibits a large collection of prehistoric items, sculptures, pottery, jewelry, Egyptian art, ancient statues and many other items.

* The Benaki Museum – this museum is a neo-classical building which houses collections of ancient and modern Greece. You will pass a collection of antiquities with figurines and ceramics from different areas in Greece and Cyprus, a Byzantine collection, a modern times collection, a Coptic art collection of textiles, a Chinese and an Islamic art collection.

* The Museum of Popular Instruments – this museum houses large collection of Greek instruments from the 18th century until now. There is a variety of different bouzoukis, mandolins, violins, clarinets, flutes, drums and many other instruments housed in this museum.


One of the main reasons to visit is that every summer from June to September, Athens hosts the Festival of Music and Drama, part of the Hellenic Festival. At the heart of the events in the city is the Odeon of Herodus Atticus, which is on the southern slope of the Acropolis. The Odeon provides a stage for the greatest events on the programme of Athens’ most historic arts celebration.

Modern Athens

An important reason to visit Athens is to see a modern part of the city. Sindagma Square is the site of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and this is where the daily site of the changing of the presidential guard can be viewed. Their ceremonial uniform consists of a multi-pleated white muslin kilt and white blouse under a black, gold-embroidered wool jacket. Sindagma Square sits below the former royal palace, which is now the parliament. Near to Sindagma Square is the Athens’ Academy, which is a representation of the Parthenon.


Athens is also a city for people who enjoy the beauty of the nature. There are a lot of beautiful gardens which are worthwhile to visit. These gardens are suitable for a romantic walk or the perfect place to relax under the shadow of the trees. Some of the most important gardens are:

* The National Garden of Athens – these gardens were created for Queen Amalia in 1839 and contain thousands of plants from Italy and different parts of Greece. If you walk through the garden you will pass small lakes with swans and ducks and you can enjoy the beauty of the different trees and flowers. There is even a small zoo and a botanical museum. The complete garden covers almost 16 hectares and you can spend hours walking in this beautiful garden.

* The botanical garden of Georgia – these gardens contains collections from a certain theme. There are many tropical plants present in these gardens and you can walk more than five walk to enjoy the beauty of all the different species. It is also possible to observe a wide spectrum of birds, for example woodpeckers, blue herons and many others.


The food in Athens is delicious and it makes part of their culture that Greeks take their time to eat. The traditional Greek dishes consists lamb, fish and olive oil. The typical dishes often include fried meatballs, octopus, shrimp, feta cheese and olives. Most dishes are served with Retsina wine or any other popular Greece wines. Moussaka is one of the popular dishes and prepared with a fried egg plant, ground beef, bechamel sauce, tomatoes, onions, spices and cheese.

The Greek Folk dances

Athens is also the place to be for the popular Greek folkdances. Folk dances were always important in the life of the Greek people. These dances express human feelings and most are danced in single lines. You can enjoy some of these marvelous shows with bouzouki music and a variety of different styles, for example syrtos, tsamiko and zeibekiko. The Sirtaki is a popular Greece dance but it is not a real folk dance. This dance was created for the movie Zorba the Greek.

Athens is a popular destination for travelers and offers activities for everyone. This destination has an interesting history and provides plenty of activities for entertainment. There are some beautiful gardens for a walk and facilities for shopping and enjoying the nightlife with classical concerts and folk dances. The Acropolis and museums are great reasons for many people but if you prefer to relax, there are plenty of facilities to relax and enjoy the excellent weather.