The best beaches for long weekend getaways

We all know that dreaded feeling when returning from holiday and having to wait a whole year until next time! Within a few weeks the golden tan has faded and we are back in the rat race but don’t fear, all is not lost. The number of short distance flights to gorgeous beach destinations is on the increase making that long weekend getaway closer than we think.

Imagine being able to fly out on a Friday morning and being on the beach in time for lunch, spending the weekend relaxing on sandy beaches and soaking up the sun. It’s a hassle free holiday from beginning to end, choose your destination, book your flight and pack only the essentials into a lightweight suitcase before jetting off.

Corfu is the ultimate island getaway, with a flight time of only 2.5hrs you can be in the heart of the Mediterranean in the same time it takes to get from Manchester to London. It’s one of the Greenest of the 6000 strong collection of Greek islands and is dominated by Olive trees which make some of the best Olive Oil and the basis for some of the tastiest culinary dishes around. What’s more there is an abundance of Tavernas to indulge in the fresh and exciting modern Corfoit food and wine Corfu has to offer.


Las Palmas
Las Palmas is the grand capital of Gran Canaria where in under 4hrs you can be basking in the year round great climate and swimming in the warm seas. You’ll be able to spend a day on each of Las Palmos’ magnificent beaches, Playa de las Canteras and Playa de las Alcaravaneras. There’s also plenty of history and culture to be had if you feel adventurous and a vibrant, cosmopolitan nightlife if you’re in the party mood. If pure relaxation is what you want however, the east of the island remains tranquil and peaceful.

A friendly city in Southern Morocco where the sun shines almost all year round! The flight may be a little longer at just under 5hrs but Agadir promises to immerse you in a completely diverse culture and take you a million miles away from life in the UK. With its 10km stretch of beautiful beach, bays and even a marina there’s plenty of space to sunbathe, take a camel ride or even a beach buggy. The Suq al-Had market is also a must to discover the spices and delicacies of Northern Africa.


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