It is said that Skopelos is the greenest of all the many islands of Greece and once you have spent some time exploring this magical place it is a difficult claim to deny. With five million pines, fifty thousand olive trees and only five thousand inhabitants it is a place where the natural world dominates and the heat of the beaches is fringed by the cool of the forests. There are also many broad leaf trees to be seen with sweet chestnuts, walnuts and oak trees and the island has been famous for the production of plums which were dried in the many plum ovens that create one of the many architectural features seen throughout Skopelos.

The two towns of the island Skopelos and Glossa are also of great interest their beautiful houses with tiled roofs, colourful shutters and balconies overhanging narrow alleyways winding up the hills they are situated on creating a picturesque but real environment in which to have a home. Skopelos town is the capital of the island and has all the modern services you could require but wandering up from the mulberry tree lined harbour front, through the myriad of lanes, passed the many small churches, to the medieval castle you could be in any of the past few centuries.

Skopelos is a largely unspoilt island, which has avoided the ravages of mass tourism but has a good mix of foreign visitors and residents with Greek tourists and the local population.

Often visitors come to Skopelos to enjoy the beautiful white beaches and azure waters for which it is famous but find so much more to a place steeped in history and with a strong living culture. At some moment during their stay whether it be walking one of the ancient pathways, eating in one of the many tavernas or restaurants or just absorbing the atmosphere of this beautiful and friendly island, we are sure that they wonder if it is possible to live in such a paradise, and we are here to tell them that it is.

Travel to Skopelos is increasingly easy with direct flights to the neighbouring island of Skiathos from the UK and other countries and Olympic airways flights to Athens There are connections by the Flying Catamaran, Flying Dolphin and car ferries to Thessaloniki and Volos, which have international airports, and Agios Constantinos for connections to Athens.

Skopelos island, Greece.

Population: 5000
Villages: Skopelos, Glossa, Stafilos, Agnodas, Panormos, Elios, Palio Klima, Kalogeros

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