Sidari Corfu, Greece is located on the island of Corfu in Greece. This particular village is located in the North region of Corfu, on the Western side. Initially, this area was a village that was popular to seafaring fisherman. As time progressed, it quickly transitioned into a popular location for tourists from around the world! Today, this Greek location is considered to be one of the most popular commercial resort areas on the island! Whether you are planning a trip to Corfu for business or pleasure, you are sure to enjoy the sights, sounds, and activities surrounding Sidari!

Sidari Corfu

One of the most distinct features about Sidari is the landscape that surrounds the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. There are several beautiful bays tucked in between erosion in appealing soft rock. A wealth of water sports and activities occur daily in this popular tourist area on Corfu Island. You can lounge in the popular banana boats that go in and out of the harbor daily, participate in stunt defying parasailing and even paragliding activities, go scuba diving beneath the waves, and even take a tour around the island on one of the many boat tours offered! Naturally, you may also enjoy basic swimming and fishing activities.

While visiting Sidari on Corfu Island, you should make a note to visit the popular location referred to as the “Channel of Love” by the Americans, and “Canal d’ Armour” by the natives of the area. There are many different swimming passages that actually lead right into the channel. Once you arrive, you will find a large swimming cove surrounded by exquisite soft rock and stones! There is a legend that states that if you follow a particular path in order to reach the channel, you will discover the person that you are meant to spend your life with.

Sidari Corfu

If you enjoy a wealth of activities, entertainment, shopping, fine dining, and even the nightlife, you will love the diversity offered here! There are many different types of taverns, shopping experiences, clubs, and dining experiences waiting to be experienced! Whether you are traveling alone, with your significant other, or with your entire family, there are many exciting things that await you in this spectacular island of dreams! Visit Sidari, Greece today for a travel experience that you will never forget!