A Typical Night Out in Mykonos – What To Do

Mykonos and seamless partying experiences really go hand-in-hand. Below is a sample night out in Mykonos that will leave any young traveller wanting more.

Mykonos is one extraordinary place to explore the history and scenery of this internationally in-vogue island. Its unspoiled beaches and sumptuous weather make for the ultimate backdrop of your picture perfect holiday. However, in Mykonos, when the sun goes down, the revellers come out and come out in their droves. So, the important question, where do they all go?


Where the Night Starts: Tropicana Beach Bar

Hiring a motorbike/quad and journeying to the beach for a day of relaxing is an obvious choice for any traveller, but wouldn’t it better if you then brought the party to you? Of course it would! Just head to the Paradise Beach on the south side of the island and you can do just that.

How so? Well, sitting on the cusp of Paradise Beach is the Tropicana Beach Bar where the party begins for most party-goers each night. Not to get confused with the opulent and nearby Paradise Club, the Tropicana Beach Bar is literally a stone’s throw from the beach and is a great way of meeting new people.

The decks start kicking at around 6pm, yet it’s best to grab a bite at the proximal Tropicana Beach restaurant beforehand as the party doesn’t really start jumping until about 8pm. As expected, the crowd is a cosmopolitan mix of North Americans, Australians and Europeans – especially Italians – yet, on the night, differing nationalities come together to speak the same language of feel-good music, cool drinks and good times.

The Tropicana Beach Bar party also has its resident MC: a bald-headed Italian man who goes by the name of Sasa. Everyone’s favourite MC is a hit with the ladies and is known for wearing his trademark G-string and only his trademark G-string. Sasa should probably come with a warning too. His ‘thought-provoking’ commentary is only intended for mature audiences; it contains frequent coarse language, adult themes and sexual references.

Where the Night Continues: Skandinavian Bar

The Tropicana Beach Bar party runs until about 11pm, but, don’t fear, the party’s just getting started. After grabbing your post-Paradise-Beach-party gyros, make a quick change at your respective accommodation and head back into Mykonos town to find dozens of clubs littered in the narrow streets of the island centre.

There are plenty of bars and clubs to suit all tastes. However, for the venue with a great selection of ‘Mykonos’ house and a ‘paint-the-town-red’ atmosphere, make your way to Skandinavian Bar (it is actually a club). Skandinavian Bar is situated close to the north-western tip of the city centre and has been at the forefront of the Mykonosian clubbing scene since 1978.

The club itself has two al fresco bars, an outdoor terrace that sits above the entrance to the club, a central dance floor that engulfs the venue and a VIP section for the pretentious and connected types.

While Skandinavian Bar is open later than most of the bars and clubs in Mykonos town, beware that most party-goers end up here meaning that the bouncers may refuse entry if they find a reason to do so. The solution: don’t get there too late and don’t look too drunk. That wasn’t hard now, was it?

Finally, with all this in mind, your entire night can indeed become memories that will last a lifetime. Mykonos is truly a holidaymaker’s paradise deserving of at least one visit during the best years of one’s life.