One of the virgin tourist sites that exist in the Aegean Sea in the north east of Greece is an old and small island which is a distance of about 9 miles from Chios. This place is called Inousses. Inousses is quite appealing, even though yet to become a renowned tourist attraction site. At present, the Island appears to only play host to people from countries which are not far from Greece, also dwellers of inland Greece who decide to avoid the noise and crowds, obtainable at more prevalent tourist places.

Inousses has existed for hundreds of years. History has it that the inhabitants of the Island have practiced the shipping occupation for centuries too. This is said to be as a result of the invasion of Turks in 1821, during the Greek revolution. Then, the invaders made life unbearable for the dwellers of Inousses by claiming from them heavy taxes. The men of Inousses therefore went ahead to become sailors. They ventured into this vocation in 1827 after they returned to their homeland. Therefore, today, this Island draws a long list of popular billionaires who are actively involved in the shipping industry. Many of them are even owners of shipping lines.

Inousses Harbour
Inousses Harbour

On the island of Inousses sits a mansion erected by the family of Onassis, a well-known family as regards the shipping business. The maritime museum situated on this Island is a clear evidence of its shipping history.

On this Island, there are over 500 dwellers many of whom are fisherman or sea workers. Several others are employees of service industries that have been established on the Island.

Wine making is also a common industry in Inousses. The Oinos wine is a type the Island is known for.

Obviously, the people of Inousses are slanted towards family and tradition. Nonetheless, they are are very hospitable. With a few Turks that live on the Island because of the nearness to the Turkish nation, Inousses is prevalently dominated by Greeks or people of Greek lineage.

Candidly, a trip to Inousses cannot but be one of utmost allure. Right from the voyage by ferry from Athens, at the Port of Pirraeus, the sights are bound to be engaging.

If you are visiting Inousses, you must prepare to be enwrapped in the Greek way of life as you take out time to explore the pristine beaches, the small sized cafes and bars. The Mediterranean climate in this Island is also a plus to its peculiarity though summer temperatures are usually high.

Really, of utmost importance is the fact visitors must endeavor to make bookings in advance because the only hotel in Inousses is the Thalassoporos hotel. In all these, a visit to Inousses Island will be worth it.(photo:NikoSilver)

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