On the Argo-Saronic Islands, renowned for its sunny climate is located the Greek vacation destination, Hydra. On this Island there are other places like Salamina, Agistri, Poros, Aegina and Spetses.

Hydra which is situated between Spetses and Poros is also close to Peloponesse. Fortunately, the airport in Athens is not far from Hydra, so also the port of Piraeus which links all the other Saronic Islands. Therefore, as a result of easy accessibility, many Greeks troop in to experience the splendors of Hydra.

Really, you cannot but be enthralled by the beauty of this Island. It presents an outstanding vista with the contracted stone-paved lanes which maneuvers between homes. As a matter of fact, the town is enveloped in a rich history and every caller will surely be treated to a splendid time there.

Constructed around the harbor, this wonderful place played host to Leonard Cohen, a doyen of music and poetry in the ‘60s. In fact, his song, “So Long Marianne” was written there.

Hydra Island
Hydra Island

In spite of the fact that Hydra does not seem to be reckoned with as regards natural forms such as its beaches, this has not erased the fact that the seaside there in Hydra offers very spectacular view. The bath places are sites you cannot afford to miss too.

As you take time out, exploring Hydra, you will perceive an aura of rich history which pervades the land. Interestingly, cars are not allowed and therefore the means of transportation are donkeys. This is enough to engage every caller. With these, you may think that the people here are immersed in the past. Nevertheless, Hydra just showcases this outstanding peculiarity and welcomes modern technology. In fact the authorities there are currently researching into a method by which water can be extracted from air, in order make portable water abundantly available for residents and visitors.

You will surely in the town of Hydra enjoy some captivating panorama. So take quality time out engaging your sight as you walk down the rock-paved streets without having to watch out for approaching vehicles as required in several other places across the globe. In this remarkable environment, go on to experience the brilliance and scintillating aroma of the flowers.

Some of the other moments that will remain indelible in the memory of every visitor are the top of the hill experience from where you can take a view of the land below and the stupendous beauty of the sunset.

In addition to all these is the interesting nightlife characterized by booming traditional taverns and bars coupled with the remarkable accommodation facilities. The multicultural atmosphere is also worthy of note.

Dear visitor, you have no choice than to be enwrapped in a particularly splendid atmosphere as you take out time to call at Hydra.

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