Fire Drills Tips You Should All Be Aware Of

You never know when a fire hazard may be caused. The only thing you can do is take appropriate steps to prevent extensive damage. Therefore, it is very essential to practice fire drills in schools, offices and other buildings. By practicing these drills, you can minimize the damage that can be caused by fire.

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Following are a few tips for fire drills that can be a huge help:

  • Firstly, you should have a proper plan before you conduct a fire drill. This way you will be able to carry out the drill. Moreover, your employees should have the evacuation plan which they can follow easily. Otherwise the fire drill can end up in chaos and confusion.
  • Every building whether it is a hospital, school, workplace, old home or family unit should have an exit plan and everyone should know it. For bigger buildings like malls and hospitals, exit arrows should be highlighted.
  • Ensure that buildings have working smoke detectors and that they are well-maintained. Also ensure that kids also know and recognise the sound of fire alarms. You should also educate your children that they should follow the exit sign in case of any fire or if they hear a fire alarm.
  • When planning a fire drill plan, you should consider special needs individuals. This is because special needs individuals may need assistance so make sure someone is there to help and guide them to the safe areas. These assistants should be trained to assist special needs people.
  • For bigger buildings, ensure that there are more than one exit so that there is no chaos and people easily exit the building.

These are a few tips that can make fire drills successful and provide knowledge about fire safety.

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