Debate – Is Cannabis Addictive?

Beginning with a 'difficult' medication simply to make an addiction, read the next passage and decide for yourself if you think the Individual is or is not hooked on cannabis:

"When I cannot find cannabis it's really difficult for me to spend a night, and when I take it, I instantly find me in another mood. I'm mad and emotional and I feel so miserable that I won’t get that feeling of comfort and calmness without cannabis. For more info about canna gummies, you may browse

Debate - Is Cannabis Addictive?

In your view, is it sensible to suppose the individual is hooked on heroin?

In my opinion, there's absolutely no doubt whatsoever. I would bet my life and mortgage on it!

Okay, re-read the exact same announcement but this time that the medication has now shifted to cannabis.

"When I cannot find cannabis nor should I understand I will be unable to get any such night, I instantly become another individual. I'm mad and emotional and that I feel so miserable that I won't get that feeling of comfort and calmness in the cannabis. I truly hate feeling like I want it to make myself feel better."

If you are using Cannabis as a medicine then it's ok but if you're addicted to it then it's really dangerous for you and your health. If a Doctor recommends you to take this as a medicine then make sure you might not make it as a habit.

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