Greece: planning a great family vacation


Greece is by far an amazing family vacation. From the history of the ruins of Acropolis to Delphi, to the beautiful beaches of Crete and Santorini. Greece is a vacation destination that is bound to have something for everyone. (more…)

Best Pubs and Bars in Paris


Paris offers such a wide range of attractions that it’s impossible not to find something to adore about it. With some of the most famous monuments in the world, an incredibly rich history and art scene, countless shops, fantastic cuisine and amazing social opportunities, it is safe to say that you can never run out of attractions to explore. (more…)

What Not to Do While in Crete


Crete is certainly a unique destination, which is why you’ve probably considered planning a vacation there. The natural splendor of the place granted by the outstanding contrast between the turquoise sea and imposing mountains is truly magnificent. Nonetheless, before traveling to a new location, it is common sense to try to make your stay there as enjoyable. How can you accomplish that? It’s simple, by avoiding doing the following things. (more…)

Best Things To Do With Your Partner in Rome

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If you think that you and your partner won’t have what to do during your trip in Rome, well, you’re completely wrong. With its archeological sites, Baroque churches and unique attractions, this city has plenty of things to explore. Below you can find some tips regarding how you can level up your romance while being in this wonderful city. (more…)

Best things to do in Fira Santorini


Fira is the capital of Santorini with a population of about 1650 people. The origin of the name “Fira” is from the adjective “pyrros” which means reddish, flame-colored, or even yellowish and which has come to modern Greek as “fyros” or “firos”.

Fira stands on the edge of a sheer cliff, 260m above the sea. The combination of magnificent landscape and volcano with the famous Cycladic architecture makes Fira one of the world’s most beautiful places. For Santorini sunset,  a recommended activity (more…)

Corfu Beach


If you visit Corfu Beach, you are likely to discover that there is a wide range of diversity when it comes to your personalized vacationing experience. Corfu is part of the beautifully detailed Ionian Islands in Greece. The measurement of this particular island is relatively small, yet loaded with many fun and exciting activities that you can take part in. Many of these activities surround the dazzling Beach. Measuring in at approximately thirty six miles along and just over fifteen miles wide, this Mediterranean island is considered to be the most luscious when it comes to plant life, rocky seascapes, and coves. (more…)

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