Booking serviced apartments in Hanoi

apartments in Hanoi

When I first rented an apartment, I was naturally worried about the cost. How would I be able to afford it? Where could I cut costs, and where is it best that I spend more money? I made some mistakes, and now I can show you how to save the most when choosing to rent an apartment in Hanoi.

First, it is best to write a list of what you want out of the apartment. How many bedrooms will you need? Where would be the ideal location of your apartment in Hanoi? Should it be close to work or school? What utilities would you like to have included in the cost of rent? After making this list, go over which items are must haves, and which are more flexible.

Once you have determined what you are looking for, start looking. Check out the newspaper, online ads, and even drive around the areas you are relocating to. Many apartment complexes have summer specials, when college lets out and students return home. Ask your friends and family for recommendations; they can tell you whether a prospective apartment is worth the money. Start making calls to apartments that look promising, and set up appointments to view them.

apartments in Hanoi

When looking at the apartments in Hanoi, examine it closely for any possible repairs or maintenance. While it is the landlord’s responsibility to fix leaky faucets, not all landlords have a good response time. After all, if they are showing an apartment with obvious faults, they may not care if it gets fixed up or not. Any wait time in getting a problem repaired will cost you money, one way or another. Also consider the furniture you are moving into the amount of space you will have. If you will need to purchase a lot of new furniture to fill up the apartment, it may not be the best use of your resources. The size of the apartment can also determine how expensive your utilities will be month to month; the larger it is, the more it will cost to heat, cool, and illuminate.

Once you’ve decided that you want serviced apartments in Hanoi, you will most likely be asked to sign a lease. These can be month to month, 6 months, yearly, or longer. Usually, the longer the terms of the lease, the better the monthly rent will be. Based on your needs for the apartment, and how long you feel comfortable being committed to this apartment, will determine how long of a lease you should sign.

Now you’re ready to move in. Decide exactly how you will move your stuff to your new homes in Hanoi. If you’re moving across the country, you can choose between a moving truck, movers to pack and drive your belongings, or a pod service

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