Apartments in Alexandria, Northern Virginia

Alexandria, Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia is the Promised Land to the weary American who is in search of the best home-ground where he or she can raise a family.  If you love history, nature, and all the good things a bustling city has to offer, the perfect place to settle in is Alexandria, Northern Virginia.

Finding an apartment in this city of 150,000 is not that difficult.  After all, tastes, needs, and preferences of people are diverse; you can easily find an apartment that will suit your budget, needs, and environmental preferences.  If you are a city person, go ahead and inquire at the midrise and high-rise residential buildings that flock the area.  You can easily find good apartment deals from $1,100 to $2,000 for a standard 2-bedroom unit.  Of course, there are five-star residential buildings that offer amenities such as in-house spas, swimming pools, and first-class gyms for your exclusive use.

Alexandria, Northern Virginia

For families that prefer suburban living, go ahead and look for duplexes, townhouses, and row homes that can be rented out from $1,500- $2,500.  The monthly rental would depend on the number of bedrooms, square-footage, and presence of extra amenities such as jacuzzis or swimming pools.  Apartment buildings can also be found in the suburbs.  Good news: the average rental fees for these units are lower by around $200.

Regardless of where you will rent an apartment, there are a few things you should bear in mind.  One is to check your prospects in three different situations: at broad daylight, late at night, and during a rain shower.  Seeing your prospects in different lights can help you evaluate the overall situation of your prospective home.  Leaks, dark alleys, and other environmental factors unnoticed before can easily come to light and be part in making your decision.

Feel free to ask the neighbors about the place.  If they are welcoming and are all smiles while telling you about their lovable neighborhood, take that as a good sign.  Hesitation or apparent rudeness, on the other hand, may be a sign that you are about to live in a problematic community and should think twice.  It is important to gain an impression about the community and not only about the unit because this is where you will reside and mingle with your neighbors for quite some time.  If you start on a bad foot because of making a poorly-informed decision, better expect yourself at an apartment-hunt again in the near future.

Alexandria, Northern Virginia

One thing you should never forget about renting an apartment in Alexandria is that they have particular pet policies that tenants should follow.  If you are an animal lover, look for places where your pooch or feline is welcome.  For people who don’t really like animals around, settle for residential complexes where any trace of life apart from humans are not allowed.  Take care to ask the property manager about this aspect so you won’t have any confusion or problems in the future.

Apartment hunting in Alexandria is fun and easy.  Surely, with that view and all the other positive aspects Northern Virginia has in store for you, you’ll be all out in finding that home you will love for the years to come.